Ethics Constructive Response?

Schwesers briefly mentions the possiblity of Ethics in constructive response portion? Yet CFAI , EoCs do not have one.

Is it likely to have constructive response question in Ethics?

Further, the CFAI Ethics item set EoCs… a lot of contrdactory items sets and qs. enountered… wonder if others are also in the same boat

Please share.


I haven’t checked morning mocks (yet) but if you go back at least 5 years, are there any? Still, they can pretty much ask anything they want, anywhere they want - so I think we should try to absorb as much as we can and not game the exam.

It is extremely unlikely that Ethics shows up as a constructed response. It will appear as it always does: In the item set questions.

If you know the material it simply won’t matter where they ask about it.

2015 they adjust the Ethics weighting to 10-15%. Probably it signals something…

is there anything new that should be focused on for ethics at L3?

i still think i can recite it from years past

AMC is new