Ethics Crash Course

So basically my strategy from the beginning was to study ethics to start and move through the books from there with the intention of doing a strong overview of the ethics material again within the last week to try and keep the information fresh in my head. Now that we are here with less than a week to go, does anyone have any tips for going through the ethics material? Are there any sections that I should focus on strictly memorizing? Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

disclosure of conflicts, referral fees, GIPS…

My strategy is doing test bank questions while im trying to put myself to sleep (Assuming with schweser you got the qbank), playing textbook sections verbally to also put myself to sleep, and studying sections that are a bit more tricky and direct (Conflicts, referral fees, GIPS as mentioned above)

My strategy was to just do as many questions as possible so I recognize every scenario. Its working out pretty well on mock tests, and I’m just going to keep grinding until test day.

Friday is only ethics day though, probably going to read the book a bit and do a few questions.