ethics doubt

is having firm name as “superior research” violation?


I remember seeing it in one of the questions. It is assumed to be a violation because it signals that this research house is superior than others. The same concept as stating that when someone is a CFA holder is better than the rest of his colleagues.

The Code and Standards don’t apply to companies.

so can i confirm it isn’t a violation? this is the answer given “The firm’s name may also infer an ability that may or may not exist.” . this is an institute mock question

But in case the company states that it abides with the CFA codes and standards it should, right?

If it’s a CFA Institute question, then it’s all the more appalling.

First, they meant “imply”, not “infer”, and, second, they should know that the C&S doesn’t apply to companies.


They may say that they abide by the C&S, but they’re not obligated to do so (whereas covered persons are so obligated). CFA Institute cannot sanction a company.