ethics doubt

when a employee is required written consent from employer and when a employee is required to just disclose( no need of written consent) a gifts( like to tickets to match etc etc) from employer ? also if i use factual information from publised reports from rated agency without citing source …am i in fault of 1C


for compensation i know that if the third party compensation package puts you directly in competition with your employer, then you need written consent, but when the compensation package has nothing to do with your employer (writing a book on whales) then you just need to disclose it. the gift issue continually screws me. the only two things i know for sure are -you always disclose gifts -you can’t take them if they affect your objectivity. this is a judgment call and the mother of all grey areas. i don’t understand the disclosure vs consent issue for gifts. sorry not to be of any help.

pretty sure u dont have to disclose writing a book on whales unless you spend 40 hours aweek on it—just like u dont have to disclose serving drinks at a bar 4 hours a week in a miniskirt

Disclosure is required for all gifts from clients if they give it to you after you have performed well. Written consent is required if you are reasonably expected to favour the client after receiving the gift, that is they say they will offer you a gift after you reach certain performance levels. Any material gifts from covered companies are strictly forbidden I think.