Ethics EOC, easier than mock???

Hey :slight_smile:

how do u find the Ethics EOC questions in the curriculum? Aren’t they easy compared to mocks?

I am difinitely getting higher marks for EOC ethics questions than CFAI Mock Ethics questions. EOC questions are much easier than mock questions in general.

EOC are by far easier than mock…one of the main reasons I failed the first time (underestimated FRA and ethics…terrible choice.)

I am sorry :frowning:

So, you are implying that the level of the difficulty the actual exam is similar to mocks?

Well, it depends. I was quite surprised to see that there were no questions about exchange rates in the mocks :confused:

Idk I am just bad at ethics, the questions have the same foundation however there are curveballs and little details that make you think question is going one way then kicks you right in the chin with its fist with a question about some other ethic or if 1, none, or both people violated a standard. Then situations where I felt like I had to assume some condition in the question that could lead the answer in different directions. just felt like some questions have just huge grey areas where I can never be certain that I’m right like all the other sections.