Ethics - EOC, Mock, TTs

Are some of you finding the ethics questions given to us by the CFAI very easy? I’m a level 2 retaker and I can tell you that the questions I’ve answered so far (EOCs, both mocks, all topic tests) are virtually nothing like what I saw on game day…

Ethics, especially on CFAI mocks, have been easy yes - guessing that’s not representative of the actual?

Do you mean exam questions for ethics are tougher than eoc,mocks and TT?

I think it could just be a case of the added pressure making you overthink things on game day. That’s certainly the case for me anyway. I kept changing my answers last year yet when I do mocks at home, I always just stick with my first answer.

Man…I’m a LII retaker. I got 100% on ethics last year but I’ve been struggling this year. I think I’m overthinking it.

There was a question I did on a CFAI mock yesterday about the allocation of block trading and I got it wrong because I was nitpicking a bit much. They worded it like “the block didn’t fill completely but they allocated shares” and so I thought “no the block should be filled completely first then allocate” but they specifically said “every client will get the same price”.

Just have to not overthink it.