ethics, fighting at corporate event...Ok

CFA inst member works for Secure Secs and plays rugby on the firm’s team instigates a fight at a game vs. a rival firm, but no one was seriously hurt. - this is not a violation since the game is not considered a professional activity. i thought that given he was the instigator and fight was during a match involving the firm’s team it would refelct poorly on the company and CFA ethics stuff. questionable judgement but something to keep in mind on test day.

It’s a game of Rugby. It’s not like they were playing Golf and he started a fight. There is a reason why they tell you which sport they were playing. Rugby is a contact sport and instigating is very common in similar sports (eg: Hockey, Football, LacRosse, etc.) Be careful to incorporate every given information in the question.

fighting on the trading floor/desk would be a violation right?

ok, let’s make it a non-contact sport, baseball, softball (very common corp activity), tennis where a fight was instigated, violation…probably not. don’t think nature of the sport has anything to do with it, but fact that it’s not a ‘professional activity.’ and i’ve seen some pretty heated golf matches, esp when $$$ is on the the line.

im pretty sure fighting on the trading floor is a violation. Def saw a question somewhere where that was the case.

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