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your summary quoted + Personal trade 1 week after report = acceptable do we have to wait till that long?? + No limit to value of gift received from a client if you have permission I thought it should not be excessive that would make some one second guess your objectivity

i do believe if the amont of money is excessive you cannot accept it as a gift.

If you receive a gift from a client and all parties involved have given their permission, it is allowable. “Covered persons must not accept any form of inducement or recompense that competes with their employer’s interest or that might reasonably be expected to produce a conflict between their own and their employer’s interest, unless they obtain written consent from all parties involved.”

I dont think you can accept but token gifts from service providers

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I dont think you can accept but token gifts from > service providers I believe this is correct. I think you can only accept token gifts from service providers. You can accept anything from a client with permission.

don´t blame me, blame schweser :slight_smile: no, seriously, this was from an example (schweser or perhaps cfa) where some client tells the portfolio manager that he can use this and that (everything very expensive and luxurious). he discloses it to his employer and there is no problem about it regarding the other one, again from schweser or cfa, one example where an analyst waits 1 week to act. I guess the point is not to say “you must wait 1 week” in all cases, but to say that “one week is acceptable and does not mean violation”

I am not able to locate the link but I had earlier asked a question on Ethics wherein a group of analyst went to some conference where tehy were all treated with golf and expensive dinner and the answer was that they should not have accepted it. it was a violation of the code.

disclosed? who paid, clients or providers?