Ethics for level 2 same as level 1 ?

What are the differences in Ethics (Level 2) as compared to level 1, and whether i can use notes of level 1 ethics that i printed in 2016 for june 2017 level 2 exam. Please notify any differences that i have to print for level 2

Seems the same. Take away GIPS, add Research Objectivity Standards. Problems are more nuanced. Read it first, read it fast and spend idle hours running through the Topic Tests on your phone/iPad/Tablet. You can’t go wrong.

In CFA Level 2 Exam, Questions will be based on Item Set (A Case Study). There will be 6 questions based on one Item Set. You will have to read the entire Item Set which could be 1 to 3 pages long. After you have read the Item Set, then you will have to search for the answers to each of the 6 questions in that Item Set.

Take away GIPS and ROS? Thats also part of level 2 isn’t it?

Take away GIPS add ROS

As I understand it GIPS shows up again in Level 3 but is not tested in level 2

Thank you for clarifying.

Can it be summarized to come down to The Code of Ethics, Standards of Proffesional Conduct and ROS? Or is there anything in additional to that?

Thank you.

In summary, that is what it is. It is just that the questions are more complex. While in level 1 you had black and white, in level 2 you will be tested on shades of gray.

@ Shinaan

GIPS gets ugly in L3!

I can only imagine!