Ethics format; 100% in the afternoon?

I’m just going over ethics material now and came across a blurb in the Schweser notes that says GIPS will be at least 5% and may be in morning essay format or afternoon item set while Ethics is 10% and will only be in the afternoon as two different item sets. Is that true? Is Ethics 100% going to be multiple choice per two item sets in the afternoon? . Anyone verify this and/or direct me to the CFA Institute site discussing this? Thanks

It always has been in the past. Every other section has at some point also been tested in the morning. Ethics has always been afternoon.

yup, never seen or heard of an ethics AM essay question…would be an interesting twist this year…lol

Good to hear. I find multiple choice ethics quite manageable. Essay i think would be another story.

GIPS was in afternoon in 2008, but you probably saw how they tested it on the 2006 morning exam. (I don’t think GIPS was on the 2007 morning.) They can certainly ask it that way again. And be prepared for some ridiculous ethics questions on the real thing. Half of the questions required you to determine the better of two good answers. I think bchadwick got <50 on ethics last year. I trounced him with my 50-70 asterisk.

Ethics has been tough and PM only each of the last two years (two item sets each year). I was 51-70 both years and knew the stuff pretty well.