Ethics from Schweser or Curriculum?


I have read the curriculum and covered all of the topics except ethics, which I have decided to read during these last days. Now I am reviewing all the topics I have read in the curriculum from schweser and I figured that what I am actually retaining is the material I am reading from schweser, forgetting every extra word that I have read in the curriculum, which sums up to about 2 million words. In short, I regret reading the curriculum and wish that I have studied from schweser and saved tons of time.

Now, since that I haven’t studied ethics yet, should I read ethics from the curriculum or schweser? Will reading the curriculum be a waste of time as it was for me with the other topics? Does schweser cover ethics sufficiently and clearly as it does covering other topics or is ethics a different case given it’s more in the subjective world than the others?

Please advise.


You should not use such strong language regarding the curriculum. You will be only hurting yourself. All third party material is derived from the curriculum and they are merely attempts to explain the curriculum differently. To consider curriculum crap but other study packages gold is like considering a company stock is crap and then going long a call option on that stock.

Just saying.

I deliberately said “as it was for me” for a reason. To me, the curriculum is not crap in an absolute measure, but it is crap relatively when comparing it’s efficiency ratios with those of schweser. The curriculum material is for more than just to pass the exam; it contains too much detail that is not even tested, which end up confusing you and make you forget the tested material. So to study the curriculum is like to acquire a company for $5 millions to diversify a portifolio valued $1 million, i.e. it is too much that it defeats its purpose, for me.

Here’s an idea. Since ethics is the single most important topic in the exam (you can’t afford to fail it and in the meantime nailing it will provide a buffer against the borderline passmark) why not use the official curriculum owing to its detail and comprehensiveness…

I am not lobbying for the curriculum here, just emphasizing the difference between active studying (looking for answers) and learning by templates (accepting what providers feed you).

I am a proponent of studying for the sake of passing only (no need to become a professor) but every now and then I keep going back to the curriculum to find out why my existing template fails when approaching a fresh and different question.


Read the entire Ethics chapter from CFAI curriculum. Solve all EOCs. Don’t forget read all until beginning of Quants session, including ROS and cases. It is much more comprehensive than in Schweser and better covered. Schwesser also such recommends.

I also recommend to read entire Econ chapter from curriculum.

Regarding all other sessions, especially quantitative one, in my opinion Schweser is more better choice and also includes training for BA II Plus while curriclum doesn’t.

Concentrate on passing exam. Once when you finish program, if you will decide to educate yourself (without a pressure) you always can re-read entire CFAI curriculum since L1 till L3.

Thanks krokodilizm and flashback. I will read ethics from the curriculum. Thanks again for the advice.