Ethics - Gifts


For referral fees, written disclosure must be provided and signed by both parties. Then, supervisor and the compliance officer need to be notified. What about gifts though? Let’s say a gift of $110 was received? Would calling supervisor by phone be sufficient? Or would written disclosure be required?


I know that gifts from clients are commonly reported with a written disclosure. You may be allowed to receive gifts from clients when your independence and objetivity is not compromised to a given result, and when the gift is symbolic. For many companies a 30 USD gift is considered high, so in your case a 110 USD may be too high to only call your supervisor, you may need to disclose it by a written manner. It will depend obviously of your company policies, you may be allowed to recieve expensive gifts and even not obliged to disclose it by paper, but remember you will be violating the code of standards. In the case you were bound by the client to recieve the gift (some clients get angry when are rejected and go away) you must clarify that the gift won’t determine other result than the true analysis of yours without any bias.

I guess it should be reported to teh employer or supervisor as gifts in any form should be reported.

As I understad it as long as the gift is received from clients:

If it is a token gift of really small value, no (written) notice and permission is needed. If it is not a token gift with high value, a written notice and permission would be needed prior to acceptance.

What about an expensive gift received by a client on certain special occasion say for example marraige or birthday?

Sonuvga - I still think that would require written disclosure.

written disclosure of required.