Ethics: GIPS Composite

What portfolios go into a composite? I’ve read things saying a GIPS composite includes"

-all portfolios current and past

-all fee-paying portfolios

-all fee-paying, discretionary portfolios

-all actual fee-paying, discretionary portfolios

-all discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read text or practice problems that describe composites as each of the above at some point or another, or maybe my mind is paying tricks on me.

So which is it? What portfolios go into a composite?

Nevermind, I just found the answer to my own question:

Composite: all actual, fee-paying, discretionary portfolios

Firm assets: total market value of discretionary & nondiscretionary portfolios, including fee-paying and non fee-paying accounts.

I was mixing up the definition of composites with firms.

But also remember… if you also advise your “parents” account using the same strategy and do not charge her fees, this can be included in the composite, as long as it is disclosed.