Ethics / GIPS - only item set?

I think this is implied in past exams, but I’m wondering if it’s certain that ethics and GIPS are only tested in the afternoon session. While on the topic - any other sections that generally appear only in the afternoon?

i’m guessing GIPS and ethics are PM, 2 sections of ethics and 1 section of GIPS. Ethics, see atleast 1 or 2 questions on AMC and the rest is up in the air. GIPS could be a wild card, 6’s on RE/PE, or simple look at a GIPS presentation and see what is wrong/missing. Depends on what are the wild cards this year.

GIPS has shown up in several years in the morning section (2004 - 2006, don’t know about more recently since I haven’t taken those yet). To my knowledge Ethics never has but you never know. I think the rest of the topics jump around a lot so I’d be ready to see anything in the morning sections.

Ethics and GIPS are two very seperate subject areas. No way they would/can combine the two. That’s easily 15-20% of the exam right there. My guess is 2 vigenettes on ethics (6 questions each for 36 points total = 10%), and 1 session in the morning on GIPS (18 points = 5%) and 1 vigenette in PM for 6 questions, 18 points. Just a guess. But one thing I am sure on is they wouldn’t combine the two together.

I’ll put my faith in CP, he’s been doing this for a while now.

I’m not sure if that’s something to be *proud* of … LOL

Appreciate the responses. To CP’s point, I was not implying the 2 sections being combined in any way… I was asking the question separately with regards to each individually - sorry for the confusion. I’m putting in my time in both sections now… if they contribute to 20% of the exam, better get this stuff down pat. Thanks again.

sorry, i have this problem - i put a ONE between your only and item.