Ethics: How do I ace this area?

In recent days, I have used Q-Bank 's exam feature to practice answering Ethics questions, and I’m typically getting around 80% on those, which is better than I did on the sample exam and on the end-of-reading questions right after I first studied the subject (when I was getting more like 60%-70%). I know now to make sure I know WHAT standard the question is asking about, to make sure I know what the question is asking for, and to devise my own answer before looking at the answer choices. Are there any more suggestions? Ethics isn’t the only area I need to study, of course. However, it is a major part of the test, so acing it would really ensure that I pass the exam. And while correctly answering ethics questions isn’t the same thing as being ethical, not getting into the >70% category would be a bad omen. I want to pass the exam BECAUSE of the ethics section, not in spite of it. Excellent Refresher

I have cue cards from stalla, and I typically give myself a refresher on SPH and GIPS. I don’t think there is any secret method, just keep working away at it, you will start to see incremental increases across the board.