ETHICS - How to improve score?

I just can’t seem to get more than 60% on the item sets in the sample and mock exams. I have read through the CFAI text and solved the practice questions in the CFAI Text. I find the questions to be vague and confusing. Specially when they are asking, if one of the choices is if there was no violation. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Don’t do schweser problems. If you are getting decent score in CFAI problems then you are good to go. Q-bank questions are weird and confusing.

Agreed. Do you have a copy of the standards and practices handbook? They have probably 40 or so practice problems in the book that are pretty good… I haven’t done the CFAI questions though so not sure if they are the same.

I’m sorry, but the S&P handbook questions are not even in the same league of what shows up exam day.

In the CFAI text there are about 60+ problems. From the CFAI Text the first 40 or so are pretty easy but a couple of item sets in the end are close to exam level (eg Khadri and Vinken, Prudent Investments) On the asset manager code related questions I have done a lot better but the core ethics material is causing problems. Is there any other source to practice ethics questions?

I think there is a lot of praying that needs to be done on exam day. Filter on of the three out. And guess well on the remaining two.

GMofDen is right. You need luck in these exams as he and I have suffered from bad luck in 2008.

The worst part is, going into the exams scoring above 80% in ethics in all CFAI samples/mocks and then just screwing up on exam day. Ethics bomb in 08 cost me a year of my life… those bastards. Sounds like L3 is 2x as tricky as L2 was.

yes porter and ethics took 1 year of my life in 2008. It was just a matter of 2-3 correct questions and we might would have done with this $h!t last year. Yes L3 is trickier than L3 and AM exam doesn’t help.

To me, studying hard does not mean high score and no studying does not mean low score.

to me, ethics is pure common sense and GIPS is pure memorization.

Read the handbook multiple times and memorize GIPS. Do a lot of CFAI exercices. Note that I failed ethics last year on L3, but I passed the exam. Good luck