Ethics in the morning session?

Hi, So far I mainly see ethics sample questions in item sets for Level III. Do anyone know whether ethics will appear in the morning as essay? Thanks. Martin.

Anyone can help? Thanks.

dont worry it wont come… otherwise schweser would have taken care of that probablity… the key to passing is the afternoon session … however hard u study for morning there is a good probablity that we get it all wrong … chapters like fixed income, derivatives, GIPS, Alternate investments are likely top show up in afternoon …

I think like 8 years ago, Ethics showed up in the morning. Since then, it has been in the afternoon. I wouldn’t worry about seeing it in the morning but it could happen. zidane2 is correct about the afternoon session. That is where the test is decided. If you can do the IPS stuff, the morning should go fine. Also, the morning will have one or two intense calculations (performance attribution, maybe derivatives and fixed income) as well as Econ and Behavioral. GIPS and alternative investments are also possible in the morning. The afternoon will have Ethics, derivatives, fixed income, equities.

But 8 years ago it was all Essay I believe :slight_smile:

I don’t recall the year it switched from all essays. Maybe it was the first year it went half and half. I don’t recall the year, but my instructor said it happened once and since then, it has been multiple choice.

I read somewhere that ethics is definitely NOT in the morning session.

swich was made in 2005