Ethics - Misconduct I (D)

Guidance on this standard says "Do not abuse CFA Institute’s Professional Conduct Program by seeking enforcement of this standard to settle personal, political, or other disputes that are not related to professional ethics.

Can someone explain to me this through an example.

Then, an example is given like this:

Example: Carmen Gracia manages a mutual fund dedicated to socially responsible investing. She is also an environmental activist. As the result of her participation at nonviolent protests, Garcia has ben arrested on numerous occasions for trespassing on the property of a large petrochemical plant that is accused of damaging the environment.

Comment: The comment seems to pass this as a transgression totally uncovered by this standard.

So, is the example in any way linked to the guidance note? I do not think so.

No, they’re two separate thoughts altogether. The example is simply stating that civil disobedience (getting arrested for protesting, etc) is not a violation against misconduct.

As far as the CFA PCP misconduct goes I don’t believe they give an example, but something like this is probably applicable: You and I both work for an Asset Managment company and you get a promotion over me, I’m upset so I submit some type of PCP complaint against you in order to get back at you – this would be misue of the PCP and result in a violation of Misconduct.

This is definitely not misconduct, i don’t think because it’s her personal believes, plus she was in nonviolent protests.

got it totally, thnx