Ethics Misconduct Violation

I don’t see how it NOT a violation if you are arrested after protesting a social cause. I mean you are being arrested. The US Legal System thinks you did something wrong…but apparently this is not big deal to CFAI.

because even if you are arrested it might not reflect poorly on you and your profession the enviromental protest is the typical example… ethics does not equal law a lot of times…

I don’t think getting DWI is a violation, is it? If its during non-work time?

DUI is certainly a violation.

thepinkman Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > DUI is certainly a violation. no, its not. the code and standards don’t overreach into personal behavior unless it relates to the member’s profession. If you got a DUI on the way back from lunch to the office, then it most certainly would be, but if you got one on some random Saturday night it would not be. They are very cut and dry on this subject. edit: can’t spell

There are three areas where the code/standards reach into personal things- fraud was one, I don’t remember the other two. Anybody else?

I think the one is decietful business practice (which relates to fraud) in any secondary business. I can’t think of the other one. I want to say it has something to do with politics or something, but that doesn’t feel right.

My interpretation was DUI was not a violation as well. Seems sketchy that it wouldn’t be. For Misconduct can’t engage in -fraud -dishonesty -deceipt -or any act against integrity/competence

what if you get arrested for DUI 3 times? its a felony right?.. what does the cfai say about felons holding charter

About the same as they say about fellators.

Being arrested protesting against environmental damage, etc is definitely not a violation because it doesn’t reflect poorly on the profession. Not sure about DUI. Hope it doesn’t come up on the exam.

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > About the same as they say about fellators. lol