Ethics - Misconduct

Pretty straight forward but dont know why they’re not all misconduct

Violation if CFA caught shoplifting and goes to jail

Not a violation if spends a night in police custody for disorderly conduct

Violation if comes to work intoxicated

And there was Intentionally understating ones income tax return – this was a violation as well for misconduct but I would think this would be violation elsewhere like 1A. Reason being the ID has to do with conduct in your personal life rather then with regards to the law.

I get the first one — dishonesty. Third one the solution said poor personal behavior. Why isn’t a violation for the disorderly conduct and spending the night in police custody?

Yes, I understand this is like a level I question but I’m just now easing my way into Ethics.

“Not a violation if spends a night in police custody for disorderly conduct” - no charges are bought, you just get released in the morning. no criminal record.

I think the key between the 2nd and 3rd ones is the concept of being at work when the 3rd instance occurs. Also as I understand it, it matters that disorderly conduct doesn’t usually entail any “fraudulent acts” or “deceit/dishonesty”.

Turning up to work drunk, or carrying out fraudulent or dishonest acts (even outside of work) reflects badly on yourself and your profession…with finance and investments relying in a large part in trust between the clients and investment manager, anything that would cause this trust to be damaged is a violation.

thats how I see it anyway.

Yeah, I think you guys got it. I thought about it afterwards and came to the same type of conclusions.

Fun ol’ Ethics

Means I should probably be reporting half of my sales team - especially the older one’s.

Is it s a violation to not report a violation?