Ethics - Nominal Gift

Is dosclosure needed regarding a gift that reasonably could not be expected to compromise objectivity or independence? Standards say that disclosure is needed for all gifts that could compromise I and O. What about nominal gifts?

My understanding is that all gifts must be disclosed. p.15-16 “A gift from a client could be considered supplementary compensation. The potential for obtaining influence to the detriment of other clients, although present, is not as great as in situations where no compensation arrangement exists. Therefore, members and candidates may accept “bonuses” or gifts from clients but must disclose to their employers such benefits from clients. Disclosure allows the employer of a member or candidate to make an independent determination about the extent to which the gift may affect the member or candidate’s independence and objectivity.”

ty very much! hiredguns1

but i remember u dont need to disclosure some gifts…

ancientmtk, I just rechecked my PDF of the Handbook for every occurrence of the word “gift” and cannot find any exceptions. There’s plenty of discussion around modest vs. substantial gifts, and the different parties who may be offering them (i.e. client gifts of gratitude vs. others trying to gain influence), but I haven’t been able to find any guidance that suggests different disclosure rules for different types of gifts. If you find anything, let us know please.