Ethics on Level 2

Hi all,

I’m beginning to plan for my level 2 studies. Quick question regarding the ethics portion. I was told by many for level 1 it is best to save ethics for last as it’s largely memorization. Should I stick with this strategy and do ethics last for level 2 or is it very similar to level 1 and it would be in my best interest to relearn this portion immediately as it’s similar to level 1? Just to note I took the level 1 exam in June so it has been about 6 months since I gave the ethics section any review.

What worked best for everyone that has already passed level 2?

Thanks for the help!

I encourage my candidates to read Ethics once at the beginning of their studies, review it periodically (e.g., monthly), reread it once near the end of their studies (in the last couple of weeks), and review it the last week before the exam.

The VitalSource books make for good listening on the go. That is what I would recommend. If you chose to listen to the books in your spare time you will cover quite a bit of ground and not surprisingly unearth a few nuggets along the way. Combine that with a healthy dose of practice questions off the CFAI website and I believe you will be set to excel.

Thanks S2000magician and others for the insight.