Ethics on Schweser and CFAI book

For ethics, I heard people said that we should read the CFAI book. I have read the Handbook and Schweser note (they are pretty much the same) and I quiekly flip through the CFAI book and it looks pretty much the same as the Handbook and Schweser to me. My question is, do I even bother to read the CFAI book since this will be the third time I read the ethics part. I appreciated any comments you might have. Thanks a lot!

I read the Standards of Practice Handbook and skipped that portion of CFAI text. If you do this do not miss GIPS in the CFAI text.

Ethics seems tricky but its really not. Read the Schweser portion 3-4 times and do a ton of questions.

Even I had same question. So brianr & houston_08 - You guys would recommend Handbook, Schweser and GIPS portion from CFAi text. Is that right?

I found this very useful:,671973,672068#msg-672068

Is the handbook in Schweser? All I read was Schweser and did a ton of questions.

Just read the handbook and GIPS in CFAI, schweser may be overkill. Ethics is pretty straightforward but it is an important part of the exam so make sure you know it.

thanks guys !

houston_08 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is the handbook in Schweser? All I read was > Schweser and did a ton of questions. CFA has a download of their handbook. It is similar to Schweser notes.

read the book twice and do schwester exam questions, go back to the parts you make mistake and read again. Ethics questions in the CFA book is too easy, real exam is not hard but very tricky. Ethics in level 1 is easy, i finised with no more than 10 mins in exam and i passed with over 70+. I didnt check because i never had time to check during practice exam so i believed that i have to be right. just remember that. if you never checked, do the same in your exam, dont change your behavior. I started from 50% right-> 60% right->80% right and real exam, not sure, only knows that i was over 70%.