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Angus Draper, CFA, is a senior portfolio manager and member of the investment committee at Tillahook Investments. Draper serves as a board member for several non-profit organizations. These commitments require eight workdays per month of Draper’s time. Because he does not receive any form of compensation for these activities, Draper does not tell anyone at work about his board activities. Does Draper violate any CFA Institute Standards? A. No. B. Yes, with respect to conflict of interest. C. Yes, with respect to additional compensation. D. Yes, with respect to responsibilities of supervisors. thanks

B-even the idea that conflicts of interests might arise in the future is a violation despite the fact that he does not receive any monetary compensation


is conflict of interest referred to the time he spends being a board member?

A, because he spends his own time

8 workdays a month - B


Why not D?



amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why not D? There isn’t any indication of him failing his duties as a supervisor

Ooops, I read it as responsibilities TO supervisors. My bad.

amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ooops, I read it as responsibilities TO > supervisors. My bad. I’ve been suffering with that too, not properly reading questions while taking exams :slight_smile: … need to over come that to avoid the simplest of mistakes


A or B, consensus is B, so B : ) - I can narrow down all ethics to 2 choices, always, that is the trick. 2 sound dumb, 2 sound possible.

same here… most of the time … i always end up thinking its one of the TWO … and thats it.