Ethics Page 90 Volume 1 Exam 2 Afternoon Session

Trading arrangement between Burton and Security Bank?

bad worded exercise. They refer to the trading arrangement between burton and Security bank only for the client who requested that brokerage is done by security bank.

Generally a very bad worded and ambigous ethics exercise by schweser.

I remember another thing was, that according to standard you cant exagerate the meaning of CFA blah blah blah… in the text someone says that as a CFA he commits to the highEST standard of ethics.

To me this is not in compliance with CFA standard because highest means better than everything else. Would have been commits to a high standard of ethics would have been fine, for me. Apparently I am wrong and this was not a breach of CFA standard… very suspicious to me.

I think highest is OK, until you don’t say higher than anybody else. Because all investment professional with or without CFA designation under their belt can commit to the highEST ethical standards.

But yes, Burton and the stockbroker was difficult to see the essence from the blah blah.

Maybe it’s because english it’s not my mother language, but to me highest means that CFA guarantees the highest ethical standard (that is, better than anyone else). Probably this is quite a common error for non mother language…