Ethics part preparation

I’m using Schweser’s notes. I think I’ll be alright with Quant and FSA, but I am worried about Ethics part. Is note and Qbank for Ethics enough? Schweser’s note says that I should buy “Standards of Practice Handbook 9th ed”, I’m not sure what this is, is this necessary? (I might purchase CFA sample exams later.) Thanks

just a few lines down on the main L1 page, you see the following thread:,547458

I used to have a hard time with ethics and then I figured out a good method for nailing it (yet still failed the exam, unfortunately). It seemed pretty nebulous to me at first, but I think it’s the easiest section to improve. What I ended up doing: (using CFAI material) 1) Read through a particular section’s comments. Highlight or whatever works for you, but definitely focus on the material. 2) Read through each scenario in the section you’re on and after each scenario, 3) Write down what it was that caused the violation if there was one (or why it wasn’t a violaton) The point of this is to synthesize what you read into a quick summary, which you can’t do unless you have read the ethics guidance and, obviously, the scenario. It only takes a few days to go through all of them and you’ll pretty much know it cold when you’re done. Just refresh periodically and/or just before the test. Seriously, I’m no rocket surgeon and I went from failing this section to getting nearly every one correct.

zeroaffinity thats a perfect advice! thanks! :slight_smile:

I think Ethics part is overrated. I only read my study notes once and I got 65% in my first practice exam. In contrast, I only got 30% for FSA after reading the FSA study notes once…

I got over 80% for ethics for my first practice exam and continued to get high marks for every test I did after that…until the actual exam where I scored under 50%. In no way is Ethics overrated.

i think that the most important thing to do with Ethics is to review the material frequently during all the period of preparation