Ethics part

Hey people, hope everyone is doing well in their prep so far, I needed some tips from people who took level I already in regards to preparation and how to approach ethics questions, any tips… I did the CFAI questions on ethics and felt pretty good, like 30/35, but other questions I’ve been doing from study notes and Qbank I find so tricky its ridiculous, I never seem to get like above 60%, most of them are not straightforward at all, does anybody else feels like this? Cheers and merry Christmas everyone!

Know ethics like the back of your hand. Keep reading it and practicing problems until you can consistently school it. The Ethics portion of the exam was pretty tricky. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Pay attention to details, don’t read the sentence half way and thought you have seen a similar problem before, never jump to conclusion for ethical problems. On the real CFAI exam you’re unlikely to get a problem that is 3/4 of a page like you will find in QB and Notes, so time is not a concern. But the wording can be really tricky.

You can’t do ethics enough times. The practice questions I used were pretty straighforward and clear cut, but in the actual exam I had to make judgement calls in addition to re-reading the question multiple times, because (as someone already pointed out) there were many doble/triple negative questions (e.g. least likely not to be… ) with similarly worded anwers.

Thanks a lot guys, that really helps. It is good to see that lots of us don’t see each other as competition, but we’re helping each others out. good stuff

Read the CFAI text for ethics…nothing else will suffice. Then read it again.

the ethics part in december exam was quite tricky, if you want to master this part, i suggest you read the textbook at least twice now, and once more before the june exam. make sure you do a lot of questions on this part. and like someone else mentioned, when you see a question, never assume that you’ve seen it before, always be very careful when reading questions and do it on a case by case basis. happy holidays ppl~

Do ethics really well…read every word carefully… u miss a word n u end up interpreting the Q wrong…need be read the Q twice… as for the studying part, read the text atleast two to three times… oh and another thing, plz dont ignore GIPS… a major chunk was asked on it in the DEC exams… do it really well… u crack ethics, the chances of u clearing this automatically will be high… good luck…