Ethics passing score

What is the passing scores for ethics section? is it 50% or even higher e.g. 65-70%???

I would assume you definitely want to be over 70% as it is a larger portion of the test.

If you arent getting very high ethics scores it will probably be a better use of your time to work on it over other topics. It is worth 15% and can supposedly push you into a pass if you do well on it and are barely below the pass/fail threshhold. There will be far more points per page than any other section you could be studying.

To answer you question, there is no requirement to get a particular score in Ethics (or any other section). You should be aiming for 80%. I would echo what was said above. Keep studying the ethics material and you will improve in this area.

“Passing”= 50%, but to have a higher chance of passing Level One you should be aiming for 80%+.

The Ethics section is easy marks, just do problem after problem to develop good intuition.