Ethics - Plagarism.

An analyst preparing a report does NOT need to cite the use of which of the following? A) Charts developed by a colleague in the same firm. B) A recent quote from Alan Greenspan. C) Estimates of betas provided by Standard & Poor’s. D) The use of a new algorithm for computing betas developed by a group of university professors.


C. This is general use of third-party data providers.

Why not A? In an earlier thread, people were suggesting that use of work of collegues from the same firm is permitted without identifying the source. Are we cotradicting to that statement in this question?

I wouldn’t necessarily agree that you can use your colleague’s work without sourcing it. It would still qualify as a violation. To be more specific, l’ll quote SoPH. On page 26, it says: “Members and candidates should consider disclosing whether the research being presented to clients comes from an outside source, from either within or outside the members or candidates’ firm.”

market betas are public information, you could look up yahoo. hence you don’t have to quote the source

def c

tricky, I picked A at first, but it is C my thinking was that S + P had a “special” way to calculate beta given the uproar the CFAI makes about betas being different based on weekly or monthly computations, but in the general scheme of things, betas are PUBLIC knowledge Go with C


Don’t be confused by options like A. A colleague, your best friends, you wife… their work is not your work and would still qualify as plagarism if you do not obtain permission or credit them as the source.