ethics preparation

Hello all - I was wondering how everyone is preparing for ethics part. People say its easy points but it can be really tricky. I am planning to read ethics from schweser. Will that be sufficient ? Also, schweser says that before reading ethics read “practice handbook” multiple times. What is practice handbook ? Is it absolutely necessary to purchase and read handbook. I searched the forum, but no one had really mentioned about it. Please help !!

The Schweser book read definitely means you are setting yourself up for failure. Yes, read the 2006 IX edition of the SOP (Standards of Practice) Handbook. This is available on the CFA Website, for free at Print out all 170 pages of it, and read it multiple times. Also solve all the questions on the QBank and Stalla Passmaster, if you have them. CP

you have to know and understand all 7 standards with sub-standards + do lots of practice questions just as cpk123 suggested.

Thanks cpk and maratikus. Uptil yesterday I didn’t even know abt the handbook and suddenly it appears to be most essential reading for ethics. I feel so ignorant !

key thing is you still have a lot of time…

Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the standard of practice readings in book one of the 2008 CFAI material? I’m pretty sure it even mentions it in the preface or optional reading section.

How is this different from the CFAI book ethics portion???

I don’t believe there is a difference. If anything the CFAI is more current and relevant.