Ethics Q

Pinkman is a Level II CFA Candidate. He is preparing for a job interview for Friday and notices on the company’s website it mentions that “Our staff consists of CFAs with seasoned experience.” Under the standards Pinkman should. A. Disassociate himself from the company. If this action persists seek council. B. Mention that he must follow the standards and deliver a copy of the Standards and Practices to the interviewers upon arrival C. Go apesh!t on them. Turn over tables. D. Report them to the SEC

I would like to see C…


E. None of the above because Pinkman doesn’t work for the company yet. Nothing bad is going on unless Pinkman is hired. But maybe C.

B? I still have got Ethics on my plate to do.

Answer: Stick to questions in Schweser/Stalla/CFAI instead of wasting time on stuff like this. I can guarantee that “go apeshit on them” will never be one of the choices.

A, 100% Who would possibly want to work for a company that clearly disregards CFA Standard VII(B).

It’s A, B is wrong because the CFAI text clearly makes a point of saying that under the new guidelines (changed several years ago) you no longer have to deliver a set of the standards or inform your employer of your obligation to follow them, although both are recommended.

That being said, I’m still doing C.

d. i think you should show up to the interview with the SEC.

Super I Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > I can guarantee that “go apeshit on them” will > never be one of the choices. You think? Jeez this was just supposed to be a joke. Like I’m really going to mention it during the interview.

I think it’s safe to assume Super’s a little stressed right now.

wait, this is a trick question…the real answer is not listed. It is actually “go batsh*t on them”. Tricky CFA…bats vs. apes.