Ethics Q!!!

  1. all of the following are appropriate uses of the CFA designation except: a) jeremy salyers, CFA b) joanne silbourne is a CFA chartholder c) i, as a CFA chartholder, expect ot outperform the market because CFA charterholders have on average outperformed the S&Pin 95% of the last 50 years d)i have earned the CFA designation by passing three eams, havin sufficient work experience and becoming a member of AIMR. i chose a b/c CFA is not a noun, but well c is the answer. any ideas???


Only if you assume they are asking about misrepresentaion, etc. Otherwise, as far as using the designation per se, all are correct, I think.


the answer is C, but cant CFA be used as a noun? but why a is correct?

Answer is C, you can’t use the CFA designation to claim any sort of superiority. Answer A is correct, as long as you don’t put CFA in a sentence as a noun. Almost everyone with their CFA charter put it on their business cards as: John Doe, CFA

i was thinking which one should i choose, apparently, i chose A. Now i got what you mean, rlange thanks,