Ethics Q

Please help, i thought it was simple but i have failed it Whihc of the following is LEAST LIKELY to be an example of misrepresentation: a. Omitting relevant facts from a research report b. Plagiarizing the work of another analyst in writing a research report c. Claiming to have earned an academic degree or professional designation that has not yet been awarded d. guaranteeing a specific rate of return on the equity securities of a public company regards atate

A ?

I say A too

this is a tough one. D relates to performance presentation, but it could also relate to misrep. B is definately misrepresantion. therefore id go with A or C.

Definitely A. Almost sure about it. I think A is Standard 5 (investment analysis) - Diligence and reasonable basis.

I agree; A

What is the answer? I would say A.

A, as long as you provide the option to have additional information you are in compliance. Analysts can choose what they want to omit depending on the level of knowledge of the client.


The answer is definitely A. I agree with what “m_bomba0004” said; unlike “Northeastern Student”, I believe omitting RELEVANT facts is a violation no matter how you spin it. However, I also believe this is a violation of 5A: Diligence and Reasonable Basis, and is therefore not relevant to misrepresentation. Having said that, I just read over Misrepresentation and I can see why some people could argue that A is an example of misrepresentation.

folks am inclined to belive A is the answer but look here Vol 1 page 29 defines misrepresentation to mean 'any untrue statement or omission of a fact or any statetement that is otherwise false or misleading and i thought -omitting relevant facts ought to be misrepresentation Thanks for your help Good luck to all

The question might be a little awkwardly phrased but by process of elimination B,C,D are CLEARLY violations

How could you include every relevant fact in a research report? “In the near-term CPB faces a tough future because of the 1100 deaths attributed to Tomato Juice contaminated with botulism”

I agree with Joey, as I said before as long as the facts are made available if requested it is okay. Analyst should consider the investors knowledge!