Ethics Qs

2 questions on the BSAS exam: 1) A firm doesn’t have the capabilities for margin accounts (ie. not allowed covered calls). Does the firm violate any standards? Specifically to Loyalty, Prudence, Care and Responsibilities of Supervisors? 2) An advisor wishes to speak to a tax specialist regarding a client’s specific situation. Can the advisor share this information with the tax specialist without breaking the Standard of Confidentiality? My answers: 1) Does not violate b/c not required to be fully permitted to trade options 2) Confidential info is allowed to be disclosed if the client permits it BSAS answers 1) Yes, violates Prudence and responsibilities by not hiring correct staff 2) Can share information in context of seeking help Are the BSAS answers correct or should I just throw this POS away now?

I think you are right in 2)

BSAS answers looks correct. In 2, you can share client information anonymously (ie without referring to his name)

as for 2, isn’t it “can’t share unless client permit”?

I have another question on Ethics: A group of employees, who are planning to leave current employer, just learned that one their employer’s client has just undertaken a request of proposal to hire a new consultant. The RFP has been sent to the employer and all of its competitor, however the new employer is not interested in the RFP Can the new entity, before resigning the firm, apply to the RFP without violating the standard? please explain your answer.

if you are not in direct competition then i would say that it would be allowed so long as it is done on your own time and not during work hours of current employer.