Ethics, Quant, FRA. Done

Hi Guys,

By Sunday I should have finished studying Quant, FRA, and Ethics, that 4 weeks and 70 hours of study.

I’m not doing too bad in the Schweser Qbank with c70%, across the board with intermediate and and hard although I certainly feel like I need to practice. I want to know if I should revise these 3 topics and try to get them nailed in my 5th week. Maybe I should download the schweser vids and watch them next week…or shall I go through the mini quizzes again in the Schweser books and do lots of Qbank tests…

what are you thoughts?

many thanks guys

My approach would be to continue through the material (periodically reviewing sections you have finished if you want) and then do a lot of practice exams after having gotten through all of it.