Ethics Ques from Mock Exam

  1. Adam, CFA, is an independent contractor for several investment publications. Adam refuses to sign contracts with exclusivity clauses. Adam sometimes revises the work he submits to one publication and sends slightly altered versions of the report to additional publications. Does Adam violate any CFE stand? A. No B. Yes, wrt to loyalty C. Yes, wrt to disclosure of conflicts D. Yes, wrt to additional compensation 2. Angus, CFA is a senior portfolio Mgr and member of the investment committee at Tilahook Investments. Angus serves as a board member for several non-profit orgs. These commitments requrire 8 weekdays per month of Angus time. Because he does not receive any form of compensation for these activities, Angus does not tell any one at work about his board activites. Does Angus vioalte any CFA stand A. No B. Yes, wrt conflict of interest C. Yes, wrt additional compensation D. Yes, wrt responsibilities of supervisors
  1. A. No Independent w/o exclusivity. 2. B. Regardless of compensation, outside activities that compete with working hours must be dislocsed. Tough Questions!

1 A 2 B

same from me

Yeah I would answer A and B.

I wish the questions on the exam were that straight forward

Also 1A 2B

houston_08 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I wish the questions on the exam were that > straight forward What makes you think they won’t be? These are similiar to CFA practice exams