Ethics question for Level II people

I know it’s highly recommended to read the CFA Institute Standards of Practice Handbook, but I’m really running short on time and I was wondering if any of you guys passed the Ethics part of the Level I exam using Schweser or Stalla alone without having to read the CFA Handbook?

level 2 is like many months away, are you talking about level 1? If so, I’d skip the schweser ethics and just read the CFA book and be able to answer all of those questions in the back…

I only read Schewzer for all material, no CFAI…Passed with flying colors

Dolomite, I’m taking the Level I in December. Although I appreciate your input, your response did not answer my question. I am 3/4 of the way through Schweser Ethics and still have to tackle FSA and Corp. Finance, so I don’t think I’ll have time to read the CFA book, which is why I asked the question. Oh, and thanks, N.VanCandidate. Anyone else passed Ethics on Schweser or Stalla alone? CFABrooklyn

If I were you I would read Schweser, but on the last couple days before the test I would read though the ethics examples in the CFAI text. It was a real help to me. Many people have passed level I on schweser and stalla alone.

I passed Level I Ethics > 70% using Schweser alone. I would also recommend focusing on Schweser Q-bank questions to get the concepts down.

Passed Ethics level 1 with stalla no prob. Got creamed on Lev. 2. I think who made level 2 exam this year had it in for me. Knew concepts quite well and failed it. Just shocking I thought.

Read the cfa textbook few pages a day. I think it is better to use the official textbook and refer to schweser as a refresher… hope this helps.

I should have posted this earlier this week. I just re-read the Standards of Practice Handbook for the upteenth time as I begin my prep for June, 2008. I am more convinced than ever than anyone who doesn’t completely ace the ethics section has left too many chips on the table (and maybe a few marbles too). This section can easily be mastered (by which I mean 95% correct or better). This can make up for alot of missed questions elsewhere on the exam. And the Level I & II Ethics are identical virtually! Of all the material, this seems like the one section you should be sure to master if only because literally anyone who got into college (let alone graduated) can do so! I’m just shocked when I read about these people who literally FAIL ethics… I mean, what exactly were they studying? Treynor - Black? How many questions on TB in the last LII exam? How many on the next one? OK… now how many ethics questions on the next LII exam? Do what you want, but in my opinion you are cutting corners in the wrong place.

I agree…Ethics is one section you can absolutely nail…Schweser is decent to maybe just scrape a 70…but if you wanna score some easy marks-then just do the examples from the Standards Handbook…oh …and there’s a practice exam at the back of the Handbook…at the very least do that! Good luck Brooklyn…

Read the Handbook…they are giving points to you if you do. It’s an easy read and it won’t take that long.

Read the CFA Handbook. You only need to read it once, a few days before the exam.

I have only used the handbook for the L1 & L2 exams, and that’s what I would recommend for the exam.