ethics- question from mock

Rene Whatcom, CFA, is an independent contractor who writes research reports for several invetment publications. Whatcom refuses to sign contractswith exclusitivity clauses. Whatcom sometimes revises work he submits to one publicaton and sends slightly altered versions of the report to additonal publications. Does Whatcom volate any CFA Institute Standards? a) NO b) Yes, with respect to loyality. c) Yes with respect to discolusre of conflicts d) Yes, with respect to additional compensation? thank you!!!

thats A-because she does not sign any contracts with exclusivity clauses-and the work she revises is her work and not plagarism from other sources

This is a good one. The CFAI feedback response to this one only states that “A member’s duties within an independent contractor relationship are governed by oral or written agreement between the member and the client. Members should take care to define clearly the scope of the responsibilities and the expectations of each client within the context of each relationship. Members have a duty to abide by the terms of the agreement.” So apparently, anwser a) “NO” would be correct.

ok great thanks! any suggestions on how to get better at ethics in short time?