Ethics question from scheser qbank


can someone explain to me why I got this question below wrong. if I was given a cfa exam by a friend to help with my study, how I am to know that the particular exam they picked is actually the real one that the CFA intitute will use? especially when the question states that my friend pcked from an airport and doesn’t say where(could be Timbuktu for all we know, and what are the chances that’s the actual exam??);

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Hi. Here are my thoughts.

Step 1 : Establish the status of the document ?

Both of them would have seen that the document was intended to be “confidential”.

“Confidential: Level II CFA Examination”

Therefore, Hayes should not have read it beyond the title and nor should he have distributed it to Sachet, while Sachet should have been diligent enough to realize that the document was intended to be confidential, based on its title.

Step 2: Given that the document was confidential, did their actions compromise the validity of the CFA examination process ?

Possibly. At the very least it creates the perception of compromising the validity/fairness of the examination process, where the candidate has gained an unfair advantage by using information that would otherwise not be available to her (or other candidates).