Ethics question - highly important

Example 8: A candidate tells his mother, “There was an item set on the CFA exam on the Residual Income Model that just kicked my butt.” Comment: This is a violation of Standard VII(A). Candidates are not permitted to disclose specific topics tested on the exam.

So what’s your point/question/comment?

was his mother a candidate? or charterholder?

Residual Income Model is a big opic on the exam, so nothing has been disclosed of any value. The fact that it kicked his butt is none of CFAI’s business.

Dreary there is something of value. It is not necessarily certain that CFAI will test residual income so if the kid tells somebody that residual income was in it, they are breaking the code and standards

They break the candidates pledge aswell that they sign before the exam

Really! What if I say options were tested on the exam and they were hard? same thing? I think it is unethical for CFAI to being doing this, if you ask me… :slight_smile:

yeah by divulging what was on the exam to anyone is breaking the pledge and code and standards…pretty ridiculous really as you haven’t mentioned the question just the topic. I came across this one in Level 1 last year and thought this can’t be for real!

Candidate to mum, what if mum to another candidate in another time zone? :slight_smile:

Just like me telling a cleaner an insider news, what if the cleaner tells to his broker son?

what if I said, It seemed like the corporate finance material made up between 5 and 15 percent of the exam, would that be a violation?

Seriously, what if I say CFAI sucks?

Fraser no that wouldnt be a violation because these weightings ranges are stipulated on the CFAI website. If you say that Corporate Finance was 5% of the exam in 2012 this is most probably a violation because you are divulding the weight of a particular topic of the exam.

Dreary if you voice your opinion about the CFAI and the CFA designation this is not in violation of the code and standards.

if they test this question on exam ill say its a violation. most of the ethics questions are violations or else why would they even bother asking.

i hate ethics. its official now.


@Pepp you are definitely mistaken if you think everything is a violation on the exam. It’s not going to be as easy as black and white.