Ethics Question

Please comment if the following statement looks alright:

I passed the CFA Level 3 exam this year. I will become CFA charterholder in early October pending experience and membership requirements.

LOL so I’m guessing you failed ethics.

No, that statement is a violation.


Viiolation for changing your AF title prior to officially becoming a holder. Big trouble, mister!

My changes in caps: I passed the CFA Level 3 exam this year. I MAY BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE A CFA CHARTER pending experience and membership requirements. (Edited to remove October)

You cannot indicate an expected date.

I need to report you, I am sorry or else I will be in violation.

I am writing to the CFAI right now. What is your real name and ID number?



James Bond, CFA.

Hi Ethics Champions!! Thanks for your responses.

I just picked this line from the following Press Release by the CFA Institute. I was a bit skeptical if this could be a violation and hence posted it here.

Read the line where they state “These 14,664 successful candidates will become CFA charterholders in early October pending experience and membership requirements.” - Which is precisely what I mentioned in my original post.

@dwheats, I do not know if I “FAILED” ethics, because the CFA Institute did not inform me whether I did.

@iamMichael/Sachin_patel, Please go ahead and report me.

@CF-eh, Thanks. @GothamSenator, I do not think that I am in any trouble at all.

Just keep in mind that it is violation to state that you are Charterholder until your name appears with “CFA” letters in the Members Directory on the CFAI website. :slight_smile:

So, what is the verdict here regarding my original post? Violation or not a violation?

And also regarding the statement in the CFAI Press Release - Is that a violation too?

How to differentiate between the two.


Should be a violation.