Ethics Question

“You are the accountant to the Governor of a large state. You see several suspecious outlays for someone named Kristen. It’s not the Governor’s wife’s name nor is it any relative that you know. When you ask the Governor how to classify the expenses, he becomes evasive and tells you to put unhealthy acts. You are suspicious about the legal status of these expenses and are unsure what to do.” A) Record the expenses as “unhealthy acts” and do not ask again B) Ask for Kristen’s phone number C) Blackmail him D) Ask Fastow how to move the information off balance sheet

stalla question? that ones stupid… i would guess B. A’s not corret, nor is C. D doesn’t jive with me for some reason either.

i’d say none of the above, and i agree the question is stupid

hilarious…well, not really.

Is this the Guv of New York? – then top priority would be the get the phone number.