Ethics question

Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I found this place at the end of studying for the level 1 exam and it was a great help. I have an ethics question (its a stupid question but I wanted the confirmation) I’ve been reading the CFA book on ethics and in each scenario the book doesn’t note if the person involved is a CFA charterholder or candidate. Is it safe to assume that you have to be either a charterholder or a candidate for the code to apply to you? Thanks!

The CFA code of ethics applies to CFA Charterholders, CFA candidates as well as CFA members (they got the prof experince requirement and applied for membership, most likely they are also candidates, but not necessarly)

I think it says somewhere in the CFAI curriculum that you are supposed to assume all people in the examples are CFA charterholders unless otherwise noted.