Ethics Question

Which one(s) is considered a violation of the Code or Standards. 1. Homicide. 2. Drunk Driving 3. Conviction on a misdemeanor drug possession charge. I just made this up so I don’t know the answer. Can someone give me some examples of what is considered a violation of the code in regard to law convictions? Thanks.

I’m pretty sure killing someone is a violation of Standard I professionalism. It could also be a violation of Duty to Employer if you get arrested and have a report to turn in the next day.

you can do drug charge (as long as you arent at work)… like a lot of misdemeanors when you were a minor are used as examples… Drunk driving also doesnt cause violation… homicide, most likely will not be a violation, as long as this doesnt occur at work as well… but you ABSOLUTELY can NOT write Kev380 Level 2 CFA on your resume

it’s generally about crimes involving theft, deceit, fraud, etc. that would reflect adversely on your professional character - scamming people on ebay, shoplifting, perjury, etc. i’m not sure if any of the ones you listed are violations, but i don’t think you’ll be asked whether or not murder is a violation (it will probably be something really obvious like getting in a bar fight.)

er i mean i don’t know if homicide is a violation, the other 2 are probably not violations unless you’re drinking and driving with the company car or you smoke drugs at work or something.

I remember doing a question regarding murder on level 1, but just can’t remember the correct answer now…

it didnt appear on the exam, maybe in qbank or something… cfa wont do that… i was joking btw… murder definitaly reflects poorly on your professionalism, integrity, character… dont go out and do it because cfai doesnt specifically forbid it

You had a question on murder for LI? Now I was joking, but if they are going to actually put it on the exam that I don’t see how it CAN’T be a violation. How would it not reflect ‘adversely on their professional reputation’ or integrity? If people can get suspended for writing past the time on exam day, then murder should be a violation. You go to jail, but get to call yourself Joe Jailbird, CFA? Maybe the standards of professional conduct need an amendment. Standard of Professional Conduct IX. Don’t kill anyone.

that’s what the SOPH said when moses first brought it down from mount sinai