Ethics question

Is it ok to NOT disclose serving on a church committee if it is PAID and all the meetings are done on your own time and do not hurt your abilities with your employer?

My understanding is that this does not have to be disclosed. Same situation can be applied to working 2 nights as a week as a waiter. Again, ability and time dedicated to employer are not affected, but you are paid.

As long as it doesn’t compete with your employer, you needn’t disclose it.

As far as I am concerned: You have to disclose any activity which results in additional compentasion (monetary or nor). You have to get permission to perform any activity (with monetary compensation or not) which may conflict with your employer. Whether you do it on you own time plays no role here.

Only situation that comes to my mind when you don’'t have to disclose to your employer is when you perform an activity, on your own time, which does not compete with you employer and does not impair your abilty to work for your employer. (eg. working at nights as a bartender would be a conflict so you would need a consent).

It is possible I am wrong at some point so fell free to correct me :slight_smile: