Ethics questions

Assume a guy is an analyst for the firm and in parallel is running a highly profitable yachts business. His second job doesn’t divert him from his analyst’s responsibilities, but few times per month he comes late to work because of yaht’s business. Being late doesn’t impair his ability to provide a quality research. Would it be a violation not do disclose his second activity to the employer?

I think it probably would be a violation because it “deprives his main owner of his time at that place of work” …it’s a bit of a grey area i guess.

I came across a Q the other day which an analyst was doing an unpaid internship, but then did 30hours a week waitressing in the evenings…now obviously waitressing doesnt conflict with the analyst role but apparently it was likely to violate the standards because she was depriving the investment firm of her quality by possibly being tired after working so long in the evening

Ok, and if he were not late. Should he disclose his business which is not related to his analyst position and doesn’t conflict with the employer’s business.

Also, what should he do if he is assigned to analyse a competing firm in the yahts business.

Just disclose it in the report or ask to be excused from writing it.