Ethics Quirky Tricks Like This

If an analyst has left his former employer, can he start soliciting his previous clients? The answer is…

Yep. But he has to remember their names by memory, no taking the company rolodex with you when you leave.

If there is a “non-complete” clause involved…No If there is no such agreement, yes, but only if you got their contact info from public records. opps…wrote it wrong…sorry

You can do so only if you have NOT signed a non-compete agreement…CFA ethics is a game for traps…

Also, can you start making friends with your old clients WITHOUT any intention to solicit for their business…I guess CFAI can’t interfere one’s personal life, can it?

Can we start to posting the most confusing and fallible tricks in the ethics part? That way everyone can get a chance to set a mental alert on these craps…

Can the employee take the list of clients that were rejected by hos former employer?

Yes. Edit: I am not sure he can take the lists, but he can solicit them for business.

I’m not sure if you can take the list though, should still be property of the employer.

So he can call the rejected clients after hours using company’s records? what about if he does it during working hours, is that violation of loyalty since he’s working on new job, and not focusing on his current.

Soliciting rejected clients during working hours, prior to leaving his current employer but after receiving a job offer from his new employer, would be a violation.

clipper1, it does not have to be after receiving a job offer, does it…he can’t solicit rejected clients any time before he leaves the firm.

Niblita75 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes. > > Edit: I am not sure he can take the lists, but he > can solicit them for business. Actually, you can’t. I got this one wrong in one of the practice exams.

He can’t after he leaves his job (from memory)?

I don’t think he can take any materials from his former employer.

well, regarding materials I think he can take with permission from his former employer…all these CFA ethics is like this…you can, not you can’t unless, no you can’t, or you can unless…

Is participating IPO a violation? Read the 2nd paragraph on p96 and you will find it as clear as mud…

You have to disclose it. Something with marketing an IPO is not.

read on, seems private placement is prohibited by the standards…

Jotting it down, too lazy to read.