Ethics -Scheweser or Curriculum Book

For ethics I have two stratagies 1.)CFA Curriculum - Read twice practise some questions 2.)Ethics-Read Scheweser book and practise 400 Q from question bank For fixed income and FSA reading curriculum book cleared lot of concepts but I am not sure if concepts are that imp in ethics. I feel that practising problems might be a better way to go in ethics where options can become tricky

I think you will find that most people decide to read the CFAI book when studying ethics simply because the curriculum goes through more ethically ambiguous situation that the Schweser book does. Also, I don’t think the Schweser questions do a good job at capturing the hairiness of the situations that the test questions will be based on. I haven’t taken the test yet but I have been following the forum for awhile and this is what I have gathered.

Free Ethics Exam, 49 questions: Just Need to Register!

Are the questions different than what’s provided from the text? I only am able to find that it says 25 multiple choice questions.

Go to: To voluntarily self-test your understanding: Log in to take the exam. (New users will need to set up a login account.) its not in the first part.

Regarding Ethics the readings related to standards, I would recommend to cover them from Curriculum not from Schweser. With GIPS, Schweser is fine. When you are reading the curriculum do highlight the recommended part and the required part. That is testable material. Moreover going through curriculum enables you to be familiar with the terminologies used in the examples and in the text as in the real exam it is qutie likely that the questions are framed on the pattern and style of examples. Once you are done with your initial reading from curriculum regarding these readings. Revision from Schweser will be productive. Make sure you go through the examples and try reading between the lines as you won’t have time again to re-read them…