Ethics: Schweser vs CFAI

I was just debating to either study Ethics from Schweser or CFAI: 130 vs 220 pages. I could prob read Schweser 2wice in the same time frame. I did Schweser for Level 1 and was fine. Any comments – Candidates or Retakers?

CFAI. No ifs ands or buts. Schweser Ethics just plain suck.

Just go through the end of reading questions, they are a great help. I feel like the only way to really get through ethics is by questions.

I went straight to the source and used the Standards and Practices Handbook for both level I and II, and I aced ethics both times. Obviously the soft dollar/prudent investor stuff/case studies will have to be reviewed either in Schweser or CFAI but otherwise I found the SoPH to be easier to read and the questions are very similar to what shows up on the exam.

Where do you get the SoPH?

You can buy it on Amazon or wherever for about $30.

or just download from their website or

Does that cover the PIR or The Research Objectivity standards?

No, nothing in SS 2 is in the SoPH. It’s only the Codes and Standards.

CFAI2 ethics is taken from SOPH