ethics score adjustment in L2?

is their a score adjustment for your ethics score in L2 or was that only in L1?


what do u mean by score adjustment … i have no idea what that means :o

L1 they could move your score up or down based on how you did on ethics

From What is the “ethics adjustment”? The Board of Governors instituted a policy to place particular emphasis on ethics. Starting with the 1996 exams, the performance on the ethics section became a factor in the pass/fail decision for candidates whose total scores bordered the minimum passing score. The ethics adjustment can have a positive or negative impact on these candidates’ final results. CFA Institute has a policy of not releasing either the minimum passing score or individual candidate scores. Consequently, CFA Institute does not release specific information about the ethics adjustment or the candidates who were affected. The adjustment has had a net positive effect on candidate scores (and thus pass rates) in most exam sessions. The published pass rates always take into account the ethics adjustment for borderline candidates.

wow !!!.. i never knew this …

i hope it works for me … if nothing else does!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

wow !!!.. i never knew this …

i hope it works for me … if nothing else does!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yes it can play a critical role if you are on borderline, but it apply to a narrow range only i guess people who are higher range of band 10, but i have seen people passing without passing score in Ethics, also some failing in Band 10 , inspite of above 70 % in ethics, so it may not have great impact if you are not really on narrow range defined by CFA.

By scoring even couple of anwers more in ethics, you score will increase by close to 2%, so even you have any tough derivative/FRA questions which gets compensated here, hence gives you safety margin, if you are on borderline then gets it can impact your score in a positive adjustment.

The fact that it applies to borderline candidates makes this adjustment extremely relevant. An adjustment that can bring a candidate from band 10 to “pass” (or vice versa) is highly important. (An adjustment that would bring a candidate from, say, band 6 to band 7 would be entirely irrelevant.)

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should apply to L2